New Site, Who Dis


Yeah I know, it’s a tired out joke but I couldn’t help myself.

Hey there and welcome to the new Astrea’s Nexus. With Gumroad’s pricing increase, I made the decision to get a new site up and running. Yeah, chances are the price increase won’t have any sort of immediate impact on me but I’d rather have a place to operate on where things kinds of changes are less of a worry.

So, instead I’ve taken the time to make my first real personal website. I’ve had sites before – mostly as a professional or purely for commerce. This, however, is the first site I’ve had that feels personally for me. Like, y’know – a home for my little corner on the internet.

This site will be used to announce anything related to what I’m doing, including any non-personal work related news as I do other work outside of this for supplemental income.

There’s a lot I’d love to say but to be honest, I’d rather just keep moving and outright get to what I’m getting to.

Thanks for stopping by and take care.